Astoria is home to one of the most diverse and interesting populations on the planet. It is no surprise that many of us who live here are not only professionally involved in the arts, but also dedicate much of our time supporting shows, volunteering in the performing arts and creating a path for future generations to help foster appreciation of the arts.

The Pancyprian Association of America, a longtime community and cultural fixture, is investing in a plan to build a new state-of-the-art theater here in Astoria – the first of its kind in decades.

Now Astoria has the opportunity for a new cultural resource. This theater would be located at the base of a new proposed residential building on 46th Street (between Ditmars Boulevard and 23rd Avenue), which must undergo a rezoning in order to allow for the new mixed-use space.

Make Your Voice Heard

I support the 46th Street rezoning, which will bring a new theater and housing to Astoria.

Disclaimer: Names and email addresses will never be shared. This petition will solely be used to show our local elected officials the community’s support for the theater and the rezoning of the proposed mixed-use development on 46th Street.

About Us

The Pancyprian Association was founded in 1975 and has focused its efforts on maintaining its cultural heritage and identity and collaborating with other cultures. The Pancyprian Association has six divisions: Athletic, Eleftheria Youth Soccer Teams, Women’s Issues Network, Dance Division, Cultural Division and Theatrical Division. The Pancyprian Association has branches in Florida and Washington DC. The primary mission of the Pancyprian Association is to help educate Greek Cypriot American students and to keep our heritage and traditions alive.

Contact Us

Email: PancyprianTheaterAstoria@gmail.com